Cathedral of St. Elias 1908

The cathedral of St. Elias was built in 1908. The architectural stylistics of the present temple fully fit into the canonical framework of the neo-Russian style. A five-storey, pentagonal brick structure with Russian-Byzantine style bell tower adjoining the north.

The current cathedral of St. Elias was built near the ancient wooden church, which was founded by the owner of the city, probably Kostiantyn of Ostroh, and was called in honor of St. Elias on the occasion of the birth of his son Illia of Ostroh. At the end of the ХVІth century, an icon of St. Elias with life was presented to the church of St. Elias. Nowadays, this unique work of sacred art is at the exhibition “Our spiritual treasures” of museum in Dubno city.

The history of the church of St. Elias testifies that a number of prominent priests worked here. The well-known herbalist Mykhailo Nosal and the composer Ivan Novokhatsky are among them.

At present, the cathedral of St. Elias is under the auspices of Dubno city prosperity of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.