Church of St. George of the ХVІІth–ХVІІІth centuries

In the historic suburb of Surmychi, in 1700, a three-part, three-dome wooden church of St. George was built on the stone foundation. Historical sources tell us about the location of the church in this place since the first half of the ХVІІІth century. With extremely original proportions, it is so squishy that no analogues were found even in Volyn masters who so loved this feature. The low upper part of the building under the bath and the completely flattened shape of the domes with baroque roofs create a unique silhouette. A bell tower was built near the church in 1869. It has 5 ancient bells, 3 of them are active ones. The largest of them comes from the bell clock of the Gateway block of Dubno castle and was cast to order by prince Pavlo Karol Sanhushko in 1727.
There is an iconostasis in the church, which has high artistic value. There are ground icons painted by the famous Ukrainian artist of the end of the XVIIth – the beginning of the XVIIIth century Job Kondzelevych.